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Is Wearing Scratched Glasses Bad?

Young woman inspecting scratched glasses.

Eyeglasses let us see the world with clarity by correcting common conditions like myopia and hyperopia. But they aren’t indestructible, and sometimes, their lenses can get scratched. If you’ve ever had this happen, you’ve probably asked, “Is wearing scratched glasses bad?” When scratched, your glasses can be more difficult to see through. Your eyes may […]

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Don’t Let Pink Eye Get You Down: We’re Here to Help!

Pink eye, or as it’s medically known, viral conjunctivitis, can be a real nuisance. If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone you know might be dealing with the itching, redness, and discomfort that come with it. But worry not, because at Hazleton, Stroudsburg, Pottsville and Nanticoke Eye Specialists, we’ve got your back. With […]

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How Do You Get Fitted for Contact Lenses?

A woman using her left hand to pull her eyelid down while she puts a contact lens on her right eye with her right hand.

Contact lenses come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, but not all lenses suit all prescriptions or eye shapes.  Our optometrists can identify the best lenses for your needs during a contact lens exam and fitting. We’re qualified to examine your eyes and determine which lenses will help provide optimal vision and comfort. If you’re […]

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